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Company Profile

Prieto Broadcasting, Inc. owns and operates radio stations in key Hispanic markets of the SouthEast, such as Atlanta and Raleigh. We specialize in attracting listeners in the demographic group 18 to 49, focusing especially on the Mexican population.

Prieto Broadcasting, Inc. was created in 2002, as a spin-off of Prieto Communications, Inc. during the acquisition of WFTD 1080 Atlanta. Since then, the business has expanded to North Carolina, acquiring WETC 540 AM in the Raleigh - Durham market.

Our success is rooted in a deep knowledge of the Hispanic market, as we are an Hispanic owned and operated company. We know our people's preferences, what they like to listen to, and the way they think.

Prieto Broadcasting, Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and a member of the Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce.


Prieto Broadcasting, Inc.

2865 Amwiller Rd. Suite 650
Doraville, GA 30360
Phone: 770-825-0095
Fax: 770-246-0054


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